WWE's SmackDown! vs Raw 2010 is the current nd latest game to the sequel,WWE.It is the best rated WWE game yet.It was developed by Yukes and published by THQ.It was released on October 20, 2009 in North America, October 22, 2009 in Australia and October 23, 2009 in Europe.TOSE gave a letter to inform WWE that they were looking doward to make the DS version.

The game was released for all current platforms,PSP,PS3,PS2,X360,Wii and DS. The game is the only WWE game featuring alot on ECW,meaningfully ECW showed up less in the other games.The Create mode improved alot,making your signatures,logos and a large varirty of accesories for the superstar.Noticable,the agme showed up a new feature in the game which was Create story,in which youcan create feuds,matches and a story line to any superstar avalible or created.


  • Create Mode:
The game features revamped create modes, which have gotten a complete overhaul compared to past years' editions. In addition to the original create-a-superstar and create-an-entrance modes, the game introduces the WWE Story Designer mode, where the player can now design storylines featuring WWE's weekly shows (Raw, SmackDown, or ECW) and over 100 different animations and 25 different
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locations to design each scene.(includong normal pay-per-views and scenarios).You can also make your superstars script,therefore it is limited in using words.In addition to using created superstars, the player may also integrate actual WWE superstars and Divas into their created storylines, scenarios, or matches. On the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, each storyline can feature up to 500 segments including 450 matches and 50 scenarios, while the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions have a limit of 55 segments.Created wrestlers are limited in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to ten appearances in the mode.There are 21 unlockable abilities, including new ones such as Fired Up, Pull Back Attacks, Exploder Turnbuckle Attack, and others.The game was very realistic.
  • Match Gmaeplay:
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 also features new additions to match
gameplay. A new feature that has been added is the THQ Training Facility, a tutorial option for players who may be unaware of the gameplay of the series. The player is able to choose a superstar, player or non-playable character opponent (or they may choose to play with another player), the match type, and the game or match settings. During the match, various pop-ups will appear with different instructions on how to perform actions, such as the grapples or maneuvers available to be performed. There are over 100 training tips available to the player.

The grapple move has improved alot.Ground and side grapples were also included.The HUD's properties did not show much in the game. There were many matches in this game which included the Ambulance match(DS version only) Championship scarmble,gauntlet,royal rumble,first blood,Hardcore etc.The is the first WWE game that allows Divas to participate in all types of matches,literally the mixed tag team was removed. TOSE, the developers of the Nintendo DS version of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009, developed the Nintendo DS version of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010.The gameplay can now now be seen from an elevated camera, in addition, the maneuvers are now also controlled by using the device's buttons instead of touch screen. Unlike past games, the DS version of this game features an increase in speed. A new feature to the DS version is a collectible card system. The player is able to collect cards that feature power-ups that may be activated in the ring such as calling in a wrestler to interfere in the match, or that feature unlockables such as create-a-superstar parts and match types.


the game was announced in March,2009 and was said canceled by THQ.After a few months THQ,thought that they dissapointed the fans,so at E3 2009 thay said it wll be released. THQ was also dissapointed by the engine for the 2009 version,so they thought that they should use the Havoc gaming engine.This caused many problems for the release.The game also saw some graphical improvements within the series, with blood from the cuts on wrestlers' heads now smearing on any wrestlers that contact the wound.Wrestler's chests will also turn red after taking numerous chops.


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