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The first of wrestling video games.

SmackDown vs Raw is a video game sequel which was developed by Yuke's and was published by THQ.The first game was released 2004 and was called SmackDown! vs Raw.the engine of SmackDown!:Here comes the pain,therefore the engine was used tell Smackdown! vs Raw 2006. In Japan, the series was published by Yuke's and was known as Exciting Pro Wrestling until 2005. Following SmackDown vs. Raw 2006, THQ took over as the Japanese publisher and the series adopted the western name.

Each game is based on WWE and half from WWF.The game features a season mode which is an arcade-like feature in which the player chooses a superstar to work with through a series of storylines that involve challenging for championships and choosing options that affect the superstar's career.


The games name was basically WWF SmackDown due to the popularity of SmackDown. The game was later called WWE SmackDown.In the early days the company had changed the name to exciting pro wrestling.The video game company,THQ suggest the name was awkward and called it SmackDown! vs Raw.

The time when the original ECW was adapted by WWE's Mr Mcmahon,the games added the title as SmackDown vs Raw,ECW Invasion or featuring ECW.It started from SmackDown vs Raw 2008. The latest sequel is SmackDown vs Raw 2010,which was released for the PS3,XBOX 360,Wii,DS and PSP.It is also the best WWE game of all time.

The Final Smackdown vs Raw game was Smackdown vs Raw 2011. This was also one of the best.

The next year WWE 12 was released and WWE 13 will be released October 30, 2012.


All games up to the release of WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 retained the same game functions and mechanics as the original WWF SmackDown! release. For example, players pressed the grapple button and a directional button to perform an attack or throw. When WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 was released, new game mechanics were introduced, in which a new control scheme altered the grappling system of the game, called "Ultimate Control moves." Unlike the previous games, where the player pressed two buttons to perform a grapple or an attack, players were able to place their opponents into a grapple position and then choose to perform a move by moving the directional buttons of their system's controller. For example, the player could place their opponent in a suplex grappling position and then either perform a normal suplex or a inverted suplex slam. Before the release of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, in order for players to force a superstar to submit, they had to tap buttons to move a marker towards the end of the meter labeled "Submit", and the only way for opponents to escape was for them to move the meter towards "Escape". Included with the release of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 was a new submission system, in which the player had to move the analog sticks of their system's controller in different directions to force the opponent to submit, while the opponent could do the same to escape the submission hold.

Every game has an HUD,which is more like a damage gauge.It mentions when can you use you finisher or signature move,shows your damage and explains the playable superstar.Colors are used to show how much damage has the player recieved.Half of the HUD importance was removed in the 2010 version.You can when the game in order to pinfall the opponent,submission,knockout,countout or disqualification.

In Smackdown vs Raw 2011, one of the biggest features in a WWE game was released, Match Creator. With this mode you can make a 1 on 1 Last Man Standing Match in the Elimanation Chamber and Inferno Ring as Well as Steel Cage.

Types of SuperstarsEdit

  • Dirty
  • Showman
  • Clean
  • Powerhouse
  • Brawler
  • High Flyer
  • Hardcore

Season ModeEdit

Season Mode or Road to wrestlemania is a main story type of mode that is based on a superstars career. In season mode, players direct their superstars through different career obstacles through a year of WWE programming to gain respect with other superstars and popularity among the fans. Like superstars from WWE, the superstars in the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw series season mode are involved in storylines that affect their career in some way. Baically if your superstar gets more respect it will qualify in getting the World Heavyweighth champion.This was removed in SmackDown vs Raw 2009. Instead they added a Road To Wrestlemania for certain superstars.

THQ has announce that WWE 13 ( AKA Smackdown vs Raw 2013) will not have a Road To Wrestlemania but there will be a different kind of Story Mode.

Create ModeEdit

The series features a create-a-wrestler mode, where players are able to create their own wrestler, including their move set and ring entrances. The feature was introduced when WWF SmackDown! was released in 2000. As new games were released, the mode was altered; the first change came with the release of WWE SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role, which featured a mode in which wrestler taunts could be created and customized. This was further modified in WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth, which enabled players to create the walking style of a wrestler.With the release of WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006, the game first featured the ability for players to make an entrance for the created superstar.Later in SmackDown vs Raw 2010 came up with a new story designer.


Basically the game started with the name WWF SmackDown!They changed it due to Raw's popularity.


the series were loved in the USA.It sold over 97500 units.Selling over one million copies in the United States. The game lost appeal due to the failing of a well-established

The current version of WWE games

season mode that was deemed "disappointing." The season mode was criticized for the lack of in-depth storylines and the way superstars spoke in season mode, through "putrid lines" and "blocked text.When SmackDown vs Raw 2006 came about it was loved.It recieved high ratings and gameplay was appreciated,but 2008 and 2007 lacked due to its season mode.